Here is the Scroll Bar control with a metro style (light and dark theme):

ScrollBarLightThemeScrollBarDarkTheme There is a bug on javafx that won’t allow to change the style of the thumb when it is pressed.

The css code to style the thumb on this state is present on the stylesheets so  the pressed state style of the thumb will become visible, whenever the bug disappears from the javafx runtime.

As a reminder, all you need to do to style your whole application with this metro style is to add the desired stylesheet (the dark or the light theme file) to the root node of the scene.

One thing that is on the to-do list for this project is changing the controls sizes to better accommodate touch. Some controls are too small right now for that.

On the future I’ll be adding this to the JFxtras repository so besides being able to get it from the usual place you’ll also be able to get it from there.

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