JMetro Version 5.6 Released

Hi, version 5.6 of JMetro has just came out and this post will highlighted the major changes.

This release was mostly about perfecting and tweaking styles that already existed in JMetro with a couple addition of styles that didn’t exist.

Keep on reading to get the details.

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JMetro Version 5.5 Released

Version 5.5 of JMetro has just been released. A big update with several added bug fixes, styles and features.

A new theme tester sample app has also been added to the samples subproject, which tests several things like for example alignment between controls.

I’ll try to keep this post short as I don’t have much time, right now, to blog, I also prefer wasting my time coding 🙂 .

Keep on reading to get the details of this new version.

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FXRibbon version 1.2 released

This time, something different. An update to FXRibbon, Microsoft like ribbon control for Java (JavaFX).

After a issue request to make FXRibbon better prepared to be updated to Java 9, and beyond, I took the opportunity to also add some features, make some aesthetic adjustments, fix some withstanding bugs, further clean up the project, and overall polish it.

The end result is version 1.2 which I’ll go into detail in this blog post.

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